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Serving the Pool/Spa Industry since 1992

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Wave Test Strip Scanner video

Mobile Spin Lab video


The very best choices in water testing for your pool/spa store or in field.


Install these units  together on one water test computer, getting test results from either system with a click of the mouse.


For those busy testing days, get 6 test results in 20 seconds, for 16 cents with the Wave.

For more in-depth testing, get 10 test results in 60 seconds, from the Spin Touch Lab.


Water Testing Made Easy since 1992.

Click on CD below for "25 day Free Trial Version"
of Pool Watch Software.

POS Integration with RB Control Systems


                Pool Watch software optimized for all Frog products!



Developed for the Professional Pool & Spa Dealer

Confidently used for "in-store or in-van" Water Analysis.

Pool Watch®  is the only testing system you need. This "state of the art" software can be programmed for any chemical brand or chemical program (chlorine and non-chlorine alike).
The Wave III scans tests strips for: hardness, total & free 
chlorine, bromine, pH, total alkalinity stabilizer, biguanide, peroxide, and borate.

Manually entered tests include: salt, iron, copper, TDS, phosphates, nitrates. Visible water conditions such as algae bloom, clarity, scale and staining are also treated. 


Phone: (413) 783-5993  Toll Free: (866) 275-0547