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Home Port Computer’s Pool WatchTM Water Testing Software has added Point-of-Sale integration to its many other features.

This feature is compatible with:
RB Control Systems

QuickBooks POS (coming soon)
and more to come.

You will never again need to enter your new customers into two databases (POS & Water Test). The pertinent customer information is entered at either the checkout station(s) or the water test station(s) and is immediately copied to the other system.
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The benefits of integrating your Water Testing System with your POS System


Here’s what the Quick Books/Home Port System does:

  1. Single Entry of New Customers & Changes to Existing Customers.
  2. Chemical Treatments are sent to POS for each Lab Analysis.
  3. Store ID Cards may be used to access customers on either System.
  4. Rewards membership may be activated on either system.
  5. Chemical Inventory may be transferred to the Water Testing System.
  6. Pool & Spa Specifications are sent to the POS to enable Reporting.
  7. Label printing for Water Sample bottles (with Bar Code).
  8. Label on Water Sample bottle may be scanned to access the customer.
  9. Customer Purchase History viewable on Water Testing System.
  10. “Walk Outs” are easily viewed and patterns observed.

In this day of the Internet, it is essential that brick & mortar retailers make every effort to retain the loyalty of their customers.  You understand that.  The professional way that you and your staff handle your customers every day is the number one way to business success. 


Your computer systems can provide you with the information you need to manage.  Your computer systems can make your customers want to shop with you because it’s quicker, easier and they receive expert help they can take home.


That’s what the above 10 features are designed to do – Accelerate water testing – Support the shopping experience – give you information you want to manage.


Home Port Computer can provide everything needed to setup the QuickBooks POS system*

          The QuickBooks Pro 2013 POS software $1450.00

          POS Integration Module $250.00

Cash Drawer, Receipt Printer, Credit Card Swipe, Barcode Reader $575.00
3.25" x 220' receipt paper 10 rolls $29.99
2.25" x 1.2"5 thermal labels 1135/roll 12 rolls $79.99

Print barcodes for water sample bottles:

Zebra Label Printer,
Barcode Reader, software $550.00  

*Complete System includes all of the above $2799.00


Samples of screen shots below.

After the water analysis is completed, your chemical inventory from the QuickBooks POS can be displayed to view on hand quantities (list on right).  Chemicals recommended by the water analysis are displayed to the left.


After a water analysis is completed, a "Held Receipt" will be generated in QuickBooks POS, under the customer's name. It will display the test results and chemical requirements from the analysis.


After the "held receipt" is turned into a "sales receipt", items purchased from any test date can be viewed from the customers' history screen. Item name, price and quantity purchased is displayed.


Vital Pool or spa information will be displayed in the customers profile. The information can be used to create reports from QuickBooks POS, using information from the water testing software.


Phone: (413) 783-5993  Toll Free: (866) 275-0547